3 Reasons Why Your Young Child Should See an Optometrist

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3 Reasons Why Your Young Child Should See an Optometrist

Your child is never too young to have their eyes examined by an optometrist. It is recommended that you start as young as around six months. You can then go back when your child is around two up to 5 years old, and from there on out, annually.

Why do optometrists recommend that you start with the examinations this early? Here is a look at a few reasons.

1. Some Conditions are Asymptomatic

Certain conditions do not present any visible signs or symptoms. You may therefore not be able to pick up on these conditions. In this case, it won't be about how keen you are as a parent. A careful and comprehensive examination by a qualified optometrist will reveal even these asymptomatic conditions, and your child can get the help they require. These conditions may be sight-threatening and even life-threatening, so you wouldn't want them missed.

2. Some Conditions are Best Treated During Early Years

Certain eye issues develop around the age of 3 years. If uncorrected, these turns may result in a lazy eye and other such disorders, which may not be easy to correct later on in life. If, on the other hand, the optometrist catches these conditions in time, they can be rectified and fully resolved. Your child will have little to no problems in the future.

3. Consider the Impact on Learning Abilities and Development

No parent would wish to have anything stand in the way of their child's learning abilities and development. Unfortunately, certain conditions will affect your child's visual perception skills, which will, in turn, affect their learning abilities. Astigmatism, for example, causes image distortion and blurred vision. It's easy to see why a child with this condition may experience some difficulty with reading fluency, among other learning difficulties.

What Do Vision Tests Look Like for Younger Patients?

A child aged around two years and below may not give a verbal response while the optometrist is conducting the eye exam. This calls for the use of techniques and tests that do not require such a response. As your child gets older, the examinations will be more interactive as they can give some feedback. The optometrist will tailor the eye examinations accordingly to include colour testing and fashion the tests as fun games for the child.

The bottom line is that your child is never too young to go see an optometrist. With or without symptoms of possible eye problems, you should schedule a visit.

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