Answers to Questions You May Have Regarding Your Eligibility for LASIK Eye Surgery

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Answers to Questions You May Have Regarding Your Eligibility for LASIK Eye Surgery

Vision problems that require you to be dependent on contact lenses and spectacles can be a massive inconvenience on occasion. Forgetting your eyewear, losing a contact lens or cracked lenses can disorganise your entire day, more so if you need your prescription eyewear for reading, driving and more. So if you are looking for a permanent solution to your eyesight issue, you likely are contemplating eye surgery, like LASIK. While LASIK surgery has been around for decades, not many people are familiar with the procedure's details. Hence, some tend to think that all you need to do is have the funds to pay for the procedure. In reality, not everyone can qualify for this operation. To help you figure this out, here are answers to some of the questions that you may have regarding your eligibilityfor LASIK eye surgery.

Does one need to have healthy eyes to get LASIK surgery?

The answer is yes. Although this type of eye surgery functions to restore vision, it is not a cure-all for underlying problems affecting your eye health. Conditions such as chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis and even physical trauma can prevent you from qualifying for LASIK surgery. The reason why is that these issues affecting your eye health could jeopardise your ability to heal after receiving eye surgery. Hence, you must seek medical intervention for any latent problems before scheduling LASIK surgery.

Will the stability of your vision or your prescription affect eligibility?

The answer is yes and no. Although a changing prescription does disqualify one from LASIK surgery, as this means their vision is yet to be stable, this is a phenomenon witnessed by kids, teens and young adults. Considering that you have to be of adult age to get this procedure, you may simply have to wait a few more years for your vision to stabilise. Hence, you are not completely ineligible for LASIK surgery. When it comes to your prescription, you should know that LASIK surgery does not cure extreme vision errors. The higher the refractive errors, the more erratic the results of LASIK, so it would be inadvisable to go ahead with this procedure. Instead, your eye surgeon may recommend a different type of operation altogether.

Can you undergo LASIK surgery when expectant?

The answer is no. Pregnancy causes extreme hormonal changes to one's body, all of which could end up impacting your vision. Furthermore, a mother's hormones are not the same during their initial months of nursing too. Therefore, it is best to wait several months after giving birth. Your eye surgeon can determine if your hormone levels have stabilised enough to correctly diagnose your vision problems and determine if LASIK will be the best remedy.

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