What Should You Expect During an Eye Test?

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What Should You Expect During an Eye Test?

If you have never been to an optometrist for a test, you may be wondering what's involved. You understand that they'll want to check your vision to see if you may need glasses or contacts, but how do they proceed and is there anything more involved?

Multistage Testing

A modern-day eye test has many different stages. When you have not been to that particular optometrist before, they will perform a comprehensive examination so they have a baseline of information they can refer to during future visits. They'll also be able to see if you have any immediate issues that need addressing so they can advise accordingly.

Gathering Information

When you arrive at the practice, someone will take a lot of information about your personal details and health in general. Of course, this information is private and has to be stored carefully to conform to strict regulations.

Determining Your Eye Prescription

Following that, the optometrist may ask you to participate in some preliminary tests. These may include using an auto refractor machine that can come up with a general interpretation of your eye prescription. If the optometrist believes that you may need glasses or contacts, they may then use a phoropter, which enables them to determine your prescription with a high degree of accuracy. During this test, they'll ask you to look through various lenses, one at a time, as you read letters from a distant chart or look at designs to determine which is the clearest.

Early Warning Tests

An optometrist will also take various photos of your eye using some highly sophisticated equipment. This will give them scans of the optic nerves and the macular. If anything is wrong in these areas, they'll be able to see that immediately and determine any eye conditions much earlier than if they were left to manifest by themselves.

Regular Testing Is Best

Most people sail through these tests without any issue, but it's always best to be safe rather than sorry. There's a much higher chance of dealing with certain eye conditions if they are detected early, so you should visit the optometrist at prescribed intervals for a new eye exam.

Making an Appointment

As there is no time like the present, pick up the phone and call your optometrist, or book an appointment online today. The receptionist will reserve a spot for you to get your examination underway and give you some peace of mind.

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